Sports Betting Champ – Does it Really Work?



Sports Betting Champ is a system developed by John Morrison, a betting professional with more then 28 years of experience. He offers betting systems all the major sports: NBA, MLB and NFL. The average win rate in sports betting is about 50% while professional bettors can achieve about 60%. The system’s sales pitch is that if offers a 97% win rate.   See their promotion video:

Sports Betting Champ

      Is this really possible?
With straight wagers this kind of win rate is certainly impossible. John Morrison’s system is not about making straight wagers and winning 97% of the time. It uses what is called progressive betting, with a three game series. It is carefully crafted to minimize your losses and to maximize your winnings.


The juicy information
Every professional bettor knows how to turn even the slightest edge into pure profit. If you apply the Sports Betting Champ system intelligently you can have a huge advantage. This translates into large profits in a short timeframe. It’s not about luck, its about having carefully crafted strategy and sound money management plan.


That is what separates the winners from the losers in the long run. Sports Betting Champ is not one of those complex betting systems, which are extremely hard to understand. It is quite simple for the average person to apply the system and see the results.


Many people lost a lot of money looking for the perfect betting system. I’m sad to declare that I’m one of them. I decided to put the system to the ultimate test.

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