Arbitrage Betting on Horses – Placing Bets That Just Can’t Lose

Is it possible to arbitrage bet on Horse Racing? In the past arbitraging on horse racing would have been thought impossible with anything other than a three horse race but today with the advent of the internet and betting exchanges it is possible to place bets on horse racing that simply cannot lose and which produce a profit on every single occasion.

The process is so simple that many pass it by and yet every single day opportunities arise to place wagers that simply cannot lose. The process is simple and quite obvious to the tutored observer. Betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq are automated markets which move in real time in response to weight of money in a given market on any particular event.

In contrast the traditional bookmaker, even though he now has an online presence relies on a human being to make his market and therefore often exposes differentials in the market prices between himself and the more rapidly moving betting exchange. In short it becomes possible to back the horse with a traditional bookmaker at a higher price than the lay odds at the betting exchange.

So, a bet at a bookmaker at say 10/1 (decimal 11.00) can often be laid at the betting exchange at 8/1 (decimal 9.00) meaning that if the punter bets with a stake of 100 points at 11.00 and lays with the same stake at 9.00 then he stands to make 200 points should the horse win, and lose nothing should it lose as he has bet and laid the same stake. A free bet.

It is a simple process then to lay a portion of the locked in profit to ensure that whichever horse wins the race the punter is in profit.

In the above example a bet and lay of 100 points locks in a 200 profit should the horse win. A lay bet then of 22.22 points will place the punter in a situation where every single runner in the race is carrying his colours, he will win 22.22 points whichever horse wins the race.

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