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Horse racing systems are used by punters who are looking to improve their chances of making a profit from their activities. Up until a few years ago you could have said improve their chances of winning but since the advent of the Betting Exchanges it can be just as profitable to find losers as well as winners.


So whether you are looking to back a horse to win or lay a horse to lose your chances of making regular and consistent profits are much improved if you use a sound horse racing system. The problem is that there are so many horse racing systems around that it is not easy to select one that suits you.


You have two option s when it comes to finding a horse racing system, you can either get a ready made system or develop your own. The subject of developing your own horse racing systems is a vast one which is outside the scope of this article so for the moment we will concentrate on ready made horse racing systems.


Some horse racing systems, especially those involving the Betting Exchanges require you to make your bet just before the off or in some cases during the race. For many punters this is not a practical proposition because they have other commitments whilst racing is on. So the first factor you should consider is whether it is going to be practical for you to use.


The second factor when reviewing a horse racing system is how successful is that system. If you have purchased a made ready system its promoters may have made some very impressive claims for its performance. In many cases these claims may be totally valid but not always. There is only one way that you can be certain how good a system is before you risk money on it and that is to carry out a paper test of the system.


It can be very tempting, especially when you have paid out a considerable sum for a system to kick off with it straight away.




If a horse racing system is any good it will work next month, the month after and next year. If a system is unsound it will usually show itself within 30 days. Remember testing a system will not lose you any money but it can most certainly save you a lot.


Paper testing is very simple, just go through the selection process indicated by your new system and write down indicated horse. Assume that you have placed a level stake bet on that selection. After the races you check the results and see how you would have done. Make a note of the profit or lose that you would have made with your mythical wager.


Continue to do this for at least 30 days and then analyse the results. Have you shown a profit or lose over the period? With this information you will discover how effective the system is.


A final point, in most cases you will have a pretty good idea how effective horse racing system is within two weeks. If it is proving to be a real no hoper then as most shores racing system promoters offer 30 day money back guarantees so you could contact them and request a refund.

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