Is The “SportsBettingChamp” System A Scam?

Are all sports betting systems a scam in general? There are people that think all of them are for various reasons, but those reasons can be explained using some logic and understanding of sports betting. One of the latest systems to attract the skeptics is The SportsBettingChamp System. It is a statistical sports betting system develop by John Morrison, a Cornell graduate with a PhD in Statistics. He has put years into developing and perfecting his system. The betting system he developed analyzes NBA and MLB games and claims a 97% win rate. It is this claim, along with 3 other main issues that cause some people to become skeptics of this system and most others.
The main reasons to doubt the system that I have heard people talk about and have seen in numerous sports forum discussions are these:

  1. How can a system win 97% of games, that is impossible?
  2. Why would someone share a betting system?
  3. If it was as good as it claims Vegas would adjust their lines.
  4. If it actually works, why is there a money back guarantee?

The first reason can be explained by looking at the number of games that The SportsBettingChamp System actually bets in a given sports season versus the number of games played. I will use the 2006-07 NBA season as an example. During the 2006-07 NBA season the system had a record of 66 wins and 2 losses. That means that it bet on a total of 68 games for the entire 2006-07 season. That is a small amount of games when compared to how many are played in a season. There are 30 teams in the league and each of them played 82 games. That is over 2400 games!

As you can see, the 68 games that were picked by the betting system is a very small amount when compared to that number. In fact, it is less then 3% of the total games played. The betting system does not make picks every night, or give you a specific amounts each day. Instead, it analyzes all of the games in detail and then makes the most statistically accurate, low risk picks possible. There will be periods where bets are not placed because the games do not meet the low risk betting strategy that the system uses. And that is why achieving a 97% winning percentage is possible. Most sports bettors play games every night. They place bets that have a lot higher risk then bets that this betting system would pick and therefore they lose regularly.

The second reason relates more to the psychology of people and what motivates them. Why do the rich still work when they could be off on a sunny beach, retired and enjoying their money? Instead they are in the office or on the phone trying to make even more money. The same applies to sports bettors, as the successful ones are the rich ones and they too want more money. So, if you have developed a good sports betting system and you can package and sell it, then why not? You will make even more money just from selling the system and still enjoy the money from the winning picks. That is what John Morrison has done with The SportsBettingChamp System. He has decided to share it with the general public, but for a price. This will not affect his winnings from the picks made by the system, they can still be played and will still win. Other people that have purchased the system will be playing them and winning as well, but that will not affect his winnings.

The skeptics always think that anyone that has a winning system would keep it to themselves so they are the only winners and the only ones making money. Looking at other areas of money making will also show this reason to be untrue. There are numerous examples of systems and courses offered in many areas from real estate to investing that teach people how to make money. The people that made money this way didn’t keep their systems to themselves. They are now selling courses, books, etc., just as John Morrison is selling his NBA & MLB betting system. So, it is not odd for people to share their money making ways in areas where they are successful.

I always like number three as a reason that someone would not publish their sports betting system. I think that this opinion gives the impression that the Las Vegas odds line makers have nothing to do but look for sports betting systems and adjust their line. There are hundreds of thousands of bets placed on various sports games around the world everyday. The majority of these bets are placed by the casual sports bettor. This is the person that looks at 2 or 3 statistics in the paper, maybe a sports column that has a pick or two and then places his bet. This type of bettor loses the majority of time and is who the sports books make their money off of. How many of the total amount of daily bettors are using a sports betting system? It is a small percentage, likely under 10% and would be quite hard to identify who is using one and then to decide which system they are using.

The advanced bettor uses betting systems, like The SportsBettingChamp, and all of the statistics they can get or have time to get and makes educated bets that win more often then they lose. Most use more then one system to compare statistics and results and make their betting picks. That is what I do and I win more then I lose,but it takes a lot of time. This type of bettor does cost the sports books some money, but not nearly as much as is taken in from the casual bettor. Also, it would be a large undertaking for a sports book to look at every system, analyze them to see if they work as claimed and then decide how to adjust the line to make the system not work. Think of the data that would have to be collected. And then if you change something because of one system, will it affect another system and make it win more? It is too much of an undertaking and another reason why this system and others can be released without fear of the lines being changed to stop the wins.

The last reason that the skeptics bring up and I one I often read in forums is the one about the money back guarantee. It is also the easiest to explain. The reason it is offered on this betting system almost all items that you see for sale anywhere, is to instill confidence in the buyer of the product. It doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work. You see guarantees or warranties on all kinds of products, whether it is something you are buying on the Internet or in a shopping mall. They are offered to reassure people, mostly people that are just a bit skeptical, that if they buy something and are not happy with it then they can get their money back. It is insurance against a scam, the same type of scam the skeptics say John Morrison’s system is.

If you look at forums, as I do often, the claim about the guarantee is always brought up by people who have never bought The SportsBettingChamp System. If the system was a scam, the forums would be full of people saying that they bought the system and then had to return it because it did not work. That is not the case. I have yet to see a post from someone who has had to return the betting system for any reason. That is because they are using it and winning and have nothing to complain.

So, do not let the skeptics hold you back from using this system or any other type of sports betting system. When you find one that wins consistently, you need to make it part of your overall betting strategy. I use a low risk sports betting strategy and the picks made by this system are low risk picks.

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