Sports Betting Advice: 7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Sports Handicapper

There are a lot of reasons to consider getting your sports betting advice from an online sports handicapper. You probably don’t have hours and hours each week to spend analyzing games, players, past statistics and numerous other factors. But that’s exactly what professional handicappers spend their time doing. Getting tips from a handicapper can quickly improve your odds of placing winning bets. But there are few things to think about before choosing which handicapper to use.

1. Don’t believe unrealistic promises. No one, even the best handicappers, can guarantee you’ll win a lot of money in a short time. If their ads look too much like over exaggerated hype then it’s probably, well, over exaggerated hype.

2. Look at their past history. No handicapper has a history of all wins. They’ll have winning and losing streaks. But look at their overall history of wins versus losses and the stability of their system. You also want to use a handicapper who’s been around for a few years and not a newbie. Handicappers come and go quickly on the internet so make sure they’ve been in business for awhile. The longer a handicapper has been in business, the more reliable his sports betting advice will be.

3. Make sure they’re willing to give you information regarding how they make their picks. You want to be able to see how and why they make their choices. They should be made on statistical information regarding team performance, analysis of players, and past history.

4. Don’t bet with anyone who pushes certain bets too hard. Proper sports better advice shouldn’t be forced upon you. You want information but not a hard sell. Don’t let yourself get sucked into bets you don’t want to make.

5. Compare their rates to the competition. Are they charging more than average for the same information? If you pay too much for a handicapper you won’t be able to make enough money off your bets to come out ahead.

6. Are they monitored by any groups or organizations? It’s not always easy to find an honest handicapper. Ask around at online sports forums and see who other bettors have had luck using. They might not always be able tell who the best handicapper is to use, but they can often tell you who to stay away from.

7. Do they a customer service number that you can call to ask questions? There are a lot of anonymous businesses on the internet that have no support to back up what they offer. You need to make sure you stay away from companies with “invisible” people running them.

One last thing to find out – Do they place bets on their own picks?

Remember, no matter how much you trust your handicapper, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. When deciding who to take your sports better advice from, make sure you do your research. Pace your bets to win over the long haul. Don’t try to win it all in one big bet. That’s the best way to lose your whole bankroll in a short time. Ask lots of questions, and maybe you’ll find the perfect sports handicapper to help you win a lot of bets.

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