Spread Betting Strategies – Discussed

An investor needs to have the best spread betting strategies in order to make a lot of returns in terms of money. The following are two of the best strategies that help many investors in the market.

Trading the Announcements

This strategy is recommended for investors who are beginners. It requires less skill or effort and it is simple and easy to apply. Investors should start with paper trading because some announcements made can have an effect or an outcome on the market. Such announcements have always been planned or designed in advance. This move makes sure that investors all over the world are prepared in time for investing and full listings are often set up on websites. An example of such a website is ForexFactory.com.

When an announcement is made, for example, by a chancellor regarding the State’s economy, the markets have a chance of reacting to the announcements in two ways: going up or going down. An investor can bet on the FTSE where he or she will have to use two Spread betting companies. Examples of such companies in the UK are: Capital Spreads, CMC Markets, City Index, and IG Index. The investor should have two bets: small sell and small buy on two different betting companies. These two bets should each have a fixed stop loss. Chances are that the market will shoot up hence making the sell trade to be closed while the buying trade makes money for the investor. The reverse also works and the investor benefits.


This strategy is for experienced and skilled investors who have different accounts in several Spread betting companies. Investors who are skilled in Financial Spread betting have the opportunity to carry out trading on the financial markets without being responsible for the physical possession of the fundamental instrument. An investor who uses arbitrage makes a lot of risk free returns from trading made by taking the benefit of the variation in prices among the many betting companies. Due to the increased collaboration and communication between spread betting companies, an arbitrage opportunity rarely arises. Arbitrage opportunities arise quickly and often disappear equally quickly for most people to be able to take advantage of them.

An example of how arbitrage is used is as follows. Capital Spreads may have stock X trading at 610p-615p but City Index may be trading at 600p-605p. The sell in Capital Spreads is seen to be higher in amount than in City Index. This is considered as an arbitrage opening or opportunity. The investor should now buy stock X at City Index (605p) and sell at Capital Spreads at 610p. This will guarantee an investor a lot of profits. This move also makes the investor have profit no matter the course or direction in which stock X moves.

All the above strategies of betting have been proved to work and help investors in earning a lot of money in their trades. Stocks Trading has been simplified by such strategies and betting companies all over the world.

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