The Traditions of Trotting and Betting

In itself, betting on horses is already a tradition and part and parcel of horse racing. However, all sorts of other traditions exist in the different technical and cultural aspects of racing horses. This tradition of betting on trotting horses is perhaps one of the longest standing ones in all of human history as it traces its roots back to the time of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. From this very early start there is no stopping the tradition of placing wagers on trotting horses all the way to what it is now.

The Act of Placing Bets on Horses

First of all, there exists a tradition in the actual act of placing a bet on trotting horses – three in fact. These three traditions on trotting horses include betting to win, betting to place and betting to show. If the horse that you put your money on is leading in at first position, it means you are betting to win. If the trotting horse rallies in the first and second position, then this is betting to place. Finally the last one, betting to show, is when the horse will come in at first, second or the third position. In the last tradition of betting on trotting horses, the payoffs are significantly smaller but at the same time it is not as risky to bet on as the other two.

Changing Traditions

But as much as betting on trotting is a tradition in itself, the mechanics have evolved in a way that is much better for a lot of people. Before the advent of the internet, the tradition associated to betting on trotting horses was that one had to physically be present at the actual race track, line up to place the bet then come back later should the horse yield a winning outcome. This tradition on betting on trotting horses was like this for a long time until creativity took in the reins and transformed this much-played sort into the online platform. Now, the tradition in betting on trotting horses is all about placing bets online and waiting for the stats to show up.

In breeding the horses, new traditions emerged as well. In the past the practice was to raise a horse and take care of it so it will have optimum performance and choose the best possible mate so as to yield a very good offspring with the highest possible chance of becoming as great a horse as its parent. Now, there are more options and the high tech ones – freezing the embryo have made breeding a whole lot easier. However this is only done in some breeds and not allowed by some countries that put a primer on traditions rather than technologies associated with horse racing. In the world of traditions and gambling on horse racing, these little bits of information will serve as great conversation starters and generate a better appreciation for the sport and its long standing (and constantly evolving) traditions.

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