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The Traditions of Trotting and Betting

In itself, betting on horses is already a tradition and part and parcel of horse racing. However, all sorts of other traditions exist in the different technical and cultural aspects of racing horses. This tradition of betting on trotting horses is perhaps one of the longest standing ones in all of human history as it [...] Read more
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Win Bets And Much More With Exciting Horse Race Betting Games

One of the most popular and extensive forms of gambling involves betting on racing horses. Wagering commonly takes places through parimutuel pools. If you are a good handicapper and yearn to make bets that run into thousands of dollars without losing a dime, virtual horse race betting games are most certainly meant for you. Besides [...] Read more

Arbitrage Betting on Horses – Placing Bets That Just Can’t Lose

Is it possible to arbitrage bet on Horse Racing? In the past arbitraging on horse racing would have been thought impossible with anything other than a three horse race but today with the advent of the internet and betting exchanges it is possible to place bets on horse racing that simply cannot lose and which [...] Read more
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Follower Shadow Review – Do These Strategies in Betting on Horse Racing Work?

Do the strategies in betting on horse racing introduced in the Follower Shadow really work? Most people think that in order to make money regularly from horse racing betting, it is important to have to win as many bets as possible and avoid all bets with lower than average winning probability. However, Neville White who [...] Read more

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