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For all golf fans, the US Masters in early April is without doubt one of the highlights of the golfing calendar. For golf bettors, it’s also a fantastic betting opportunity and a close study of past and current form is vital if you want to bet profitably on the event. So what are the most [...] Read more

Betting on Horse Racing – Five Keys to Flat Success

Betting on horse racing brings great joy but also risk to the many involved with the industry. Making a potentially substantial second income is of great appeal to the many that bet regularly. Whether you are an old hand or complete novice there are a few things that can really help to stack the odds [...] Read more

Hockey Betting Guide

Hockey can be exciting to watch. What makes it even more exciting is betting on it. Even if you are not a wild hockey enthusiast, having a wager on a hockey game will make it worth watching. There’s a good deal of money to be made in betting on hockey. The season is filled with [...] Read more

10 Reasons Why Online Betting Beats Going Down To The Betting Shop

There are a lot of reasons to consider getting your sports betting advice from an online sports handicapper. You probably don’t have hours and hours each week to spend analyzing games, players, past statistics and numerous other factors. But that’s exactly what professional handicappers spend their time doing. Getting tips from a Read more

5 Effective Strategies Used In Spread Betting

Spread betting can produce a huge sum of money for the winners of the bets and it can take the same amount of money for the losers at the same time. The thing is, you need to work on your way towards the winning side because the gains can be very promising. Trying to win [...] Read more
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