A Horse Betting Guide To Making Winning Bets On Horses

Placing bets on horses can give you additional cash, but not all the time. If you’re into horse racing wagering and you want to increase winning chances, you should rely on an effective horse betting guide. Aside from information on the betting process, a reliable guide also has horse race betting tips such as these:

Tip #1: Check out all the horses when they arrive.

One of the very first things you must do, whether you’re into online horse-betting or the traditional form of horse-racing wagering, is to take a look at each and every horse that will compete in the race.

Before making any bets on horses, you should look for positive and negative signals. For instance, a horse that sweats excessively, drools a lot, and so on, will not be a good horse to gamble on in horse racing wagering. Positive signs usually discussed in a horse betting guide, on the other hand, are: the horse’s coat is shiny; the horse prances from time to time; the eyes of the horse look focused; etc. Part of the horse race betting tips to follow is to wager on a horse that exhibits positive signals, and refrain from betting on a horse that shows negative signs.

Tip #2: Find out about the jockey who’ll be riding your chosen horse.

The actual horse should not be the only one you should consider when you plan to make bets on horses. You should also take a look at the jockey. Bear in mind that the jockey still has some control over the horse, thus, if you wish to profit from horse racing wagering, you should see to it that the jockey of your horse is considered a good jockey. You should look at the performance records of the jockey, the bond it has with the horse, and so on.

A genuine horse betting guide will tell you that a horse’s performance potential is connected to the jockey’s skills, thus, both the jockey and the horse should be ‘scrutinized’ before you make your wager.

Tip #3: Stick to making straight bets as a newbie, and refrain from the so called combination wagers.

Included in horse race betting tips is to choose the right kind of bet when placing bets on horses. There are simple bets e.g. the straight bets, and combination bets e.g. exotic bets, trifecta, etc. Though you’ll have a higher amount of earnings from combination bets, they are harder to ‘nail’ compared to the simple bets. Thus, if you’re a newbie in horse racing wagering, better make more simple wagers, rather than making combination wagers.

Thoroughly understanding the information, tips, facts, etc, in a horse betting guide is truly important if you wish to become a winning bettor more often. Of course, you should know the right time to employ horse racing betting tips to make certain that you’ll make lucrative bets on horses. Do not ever attempt to place wagers in horse-racing events without having a clear picture of the process, the techniques, and the likes of horse-race wagering.

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