Betting Strategies – An A-Z to Make Punting Pay!

Betting strategies and risk reduction whilst maximising gains are paramount to every successful punter. Even the most hardened professional gambler will use basic strategies sometimes even without really consciously choosing to! This next step in your development is one strategy that you absolutely must adopt if you want to make money.

I have tried and tested many services and systems in my own education. When I was younger I read as many books as I could and listened to the ideas of those that had passed before me. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with following any potential service, system of advise. If you do one thing!….

One at a time please! One At A Time!

I was speaking with a revered colleague recently, a man very well known in the betting industry. He was telling me about a problem that he faced whilst running one of the most successful horse racing advisory services in the world.

Members kept coming back to him to moan that they had lost money using ‘his service’. This was pretty frustrating considering he kept a definitive record of all syndicate bets placed and they were making money, good money!

How does that compute?

The very reason behind these members actually losing money when they were being given winning advice is simple, and a lesson to all. Instead of just following the professional advice that they had been given. These members thought, they knew better. So with the same betting balance were placing their own fancies and selections derived from other sources. Hey presto, these more often than not were losing minimizing the actual gains that should have been made from his world leading services!

What is the message?

Loud and clear. You can always run two services or systems side by side, no problem. It is unlikely however that you will uncover two really profitable systems that compliment each other. If you insist on using more than one method it is imperative that each one is followed using its own dedicated bank of funds, with a solid and safe staking plan for each.

If you have paper traded as advised in our other module. Then really once you have found one of the best profitable betting strategies around, why try to complicate matters? You are much more likely to create bigger and better winnings whilst concentrating on one method. There is always a risk that when using two methods, both could hit a losing run at the same time, threathening your betting bank.

The message is clear, be very sure firstly that you have two betting strategies that work before implementing them both. Losing with one, whilst you gain with another is no quick route to betting success! This in itself is one of the more shrewd betting strategies worth following.

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