Blackjack Strategy Chart – What Are Popular Blackjack Betting Strategies?

The Blackjack charts are often used for placing the different strategies and understanding the moves better. To the normal player this might be a simple game of placing bets on your chips but the blackjack is really a game of high skill and knowledge. Here are few ideas on the blackjack strategies and betting system.

Here are some Blackjack betting strategies

• Card Counting
• Paroli
• Parlay
• 1-3-2-6
• Martingale
• Labouchere

The count charts can really assist you in placing the different bets according to the perspective counts that are being shown during the different deals. The card counting strategies is extremely popular and using this is not that hard. All you have to remember is the card count for you and others and the dealer. If the cards are placed face side down, then this can be hard, but the face up card tables can be easier to follow for this system.

The Paroli blackjack strategy system is based upon few rules of statistics. In this game you will need to apply the progression to find the best bet for you. This is much more prudent way of playing the game, some how total opposite of the Martingale. The playing style of this strategy is often seen as positive, as one has to increase the bet after winning the last one. While playing this way might seem quite straightforward, the player has to know a few things like the ceiling which you set for yourself.

One can easily use the blackjack table for obtaining the advantage of Paroli betting system even if the betting amount is not too high. While there are many benefits of using this system, this is not the only system and one should take a look at the other strategies also to fully compare the other systems also.

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