Recent trends in Cricket (IPL)

These days IPL Twenty20 cricket matches are going on in India. IPL cricket is one of the largest and most-hopeful new business opportunities in India today. For the first time in the history of world cricket, Internet has taken lead over traditional TV coverage of the matches. People are more fascinated in watching cricket matches on internet. Online live IPL cricket matches are available on many websites With its spectacular onset from April 18th, Twenty20 IPL Cricket proves to be a fantasy option of cricket game. We can proudly say that Cricket now belongs to India. It will be a super hit as it is very much in style everywhere in India. One of the goals behind starting this domestic competition is to discover new domestic talent. Cricket fans are in high spirits with the game’s condensed format that finishes within three hours unlike the usual game which takes five days. IPL is delivering Global cricket at our doorsteps.

IPL is the strength for cricket and is the biggest money-spinner in cricket today. It has crushed the purses of cricketers. Cricket in India has crowned IPL with top dollar. The advertisement world, print media, electronic media, sportsmen, film industry and even common men/women are making lots of money out of IPL T20 party. IPL might even reinvent cricket as a night-out option and develop newer formats of cricket. It is collapsing the boundary of region and language within India. The players of different social and cultural backgrounds share the dressing room, showing unity in diversity. Every team is allowed to have as many as four overseas players aiming at developing international relations.

The IPL is in sync with current social trends that celebrate multiplexes and malls, and promotes gloss and glamour over content. IPL is the broker between sports and entertainment. It brings together various market impulses. Welcome to the IPL branded cricket entertainment which is smartly packaged and home delivered. The result is so strong that the market is active with enthusiasm. The successful implementation of the idea of IPL needs to be appreciated. No doubt IPL will change the spirit and nature of cricket.Though IPL Cricket is flourishing with its positive aspects, it has some negative aspects too.

IPL is sometimes considered as rape of Cricket. Like fast food, IPL can be unhealthy. It is perhaps unimpressive and disappointing to see the conflicts between two teams and the pouring of unpleasant words on each other. IPL is sure to be too taxing on the players. Players were bought like stocks at a share market in IPL. The Indian Cricket Board has almost forgotten its way to the bank as franchisees shower them all the money. It’s clear that cricketing ability was not the only criterion for gambling at IPL. IPL cricket sometimes seem to be terrible while looking at the scoreboard, match-fixing, cultural discrimination, conflicts, betting slam. The game is bound to suffer as it is getting its newer formats.

IPL Cricket doesn’t present convincing cricket image. It only projects India as a share market. Time has to tell whether the changing face of cricket is better or worse.

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