Winning number method?

Is there a special numbering system I should be using? Is it possible to select 6 lucky numbers using a “winning number picker”? The likelihood of winning the top amount is less than 0. Your likelihood of winning secondary cash prizes can be improved if you select your winning lottery numbers with a outstanding numerical probability system.

An expert computer programmer has designed a successful system which dramatically increases the odds of picking winning lotto numbers. Created by Gian Vergelli, this patent pending system is known as “The Vergelli Winning Lotto System”. Vergelli wanted to build a tool scientifically designed to increase the chances of a person winning the jackpot while reducing the amount of tickets they would actually need to purchase. Two important results culminated from Vergelli’s intensive research and completion of a one-of-a-kind mathematical algorithm. The odds of picking winning lottery numbers are improved, effectively saves money in comparison to all the other leading lottery number pickers.

{How the Vergelli System Works}

The minimal number of combinations required to play in addition to the initial selection and in order to win, are calculated and displayed by the Vergelli system. To guarantee the highest matching probability to win, this process is required. Suppose 31 numbers are selected in a Pick 6 game then the optimal winning lottery number combinations that need to be played will be found. All combinations with 6 numbers from the set of 31 selected numbers are 736,281. The MINIMAL number of combinations are searched so that if the 6 drawn numbers belong to the set of the 31 selected numbers, you will win a prize.

The last search finds 31 combinations, giving 733,181 possible combinations, which is 99.6% of all possible winning combinations. The one million-to-one odds of winning have now been improved to 200,000 to one or better. Join a Lotto Syndicate or Lotto Club and have each member take advantage of the Vergelli Winning Lotto System to further enhance your chances of winning.
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